jujutsu kaisen crushed crash on android

Play Jujutsu Kaisen Crushed Clash on Android

Jujutsu Kaisen Crushed Clash is one of the best Jujutsu Kaisen anime series games ever. In this game, you can play in story mode, online mode, 1v1 mode, and a few other modes too.

But for now, it is only available for counsel. Indeed there are some ways to play it like cloud gaming and Nintendo Switch Android emulation. And today we are going to discuss the second one.

Indeed, this emulator isn’t going to work on every single device. There are a few minimum requirements that your system needs to meet to run the game properly.

Minimum Requirement

  1. Android Version: Android 8 or above
  2. RAM: 6GB RAM Minimum (8 GB RAM Recommended)
  3. Processor: Snapdragon 680 (at Least)
  4. CPU: Octa-core 2.0+ GHz


The installation process is quite simple. You just need to download the Yuzu Emulator and Game file in NSP format and one production key, to run the game. You can find the download link below.


  • Install the emulator
  • Give access to the production key
  • Select your game folder
  • Enjoy your game

OR you can simply watch our video.

When you complete these simple processes, you can play the game on your device easily.


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