How To Skip GTA V Missions In Chikii

GTA V was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. In this game, there is so much fun in completing missions, exploring the cities, and playing multiplayer with friends.

Many Cloud Gamers want to skip the Prologue and First mission of GTA V to explore the city. But there is no option to skip missions in GTA V so you can not skip GTA V missions in Chikii Cloud Gaming Emulator.

But there are two ways to complete the Prologue and other missions of GTA V in just 4-5 minutes.

Fail Mission

You just have to fail the mission 3 times then there is an option that will come on the screen to skip when you press enter then the game will continue from the next checkpoint.

This process takes about 10-15 minutes or maybe longer. But don’t forget you are using Chikii Cloud Gaming Emulator if you are a normal user then it will cut your 3 coins per minute and if you are a fast user then it will take 2 coins per minute and if you are a user then it will take 1 coin per minute.

This means you have very limited time to play games on it so I will suggest you follow the next way to complete GTA V missions in Chikii.

Use Cheat codes

You can use cheat codes to complete the missions in GTA V in Chikii. This cheat code was made by Rockstar Games developers and we can use these cheat codes to complete missions. The list of Some Cheat codes is given below:-

ActionCheat Code
Become InvinciblePAINKILLER
Get All WeaponsTOOLUP
Full Health and ArmourTURTLE
Improve AimingDEADEYE
Bullets that explodeHIGHEX
Spawn an Armed HelicopterBUZZOFF
Decrease Wanted LevelLAWYERUP
Spawn a sports carCOMET
Spawn a MotorcycleROCKET
Cheat Codes for GTA V Chikii Emulator

How To Use Cheat Codes In GTA V Chikii

To use Cheat codes in GTA V on Mobile follow some steps that are given below:-

  • Step 1: Open your game and click on the keyboard icon.
GTA V Mission skip step:1 image
  • Step 2: Press ~ on the keyboard to open the command center.
GTA V Mission skip step:2 image
  • Step 3: Now, type the cheat code that you want to activate.
GTA V Mission skip step:3 image
  • Step 4: Press enter and enjoy your game.
GTA V Mission skip step:4 image

Use this method to complete a mission very fastly in Chikii Cloud Gaming Emulator and it will take around 3-7 minutes to complete a mission by using cheat codes in that game.

You can download Chikii Cloud Gaming Emulator by Playstore or you can download it by clicking on Chikii CGE Button.

Use my Invitation code ‘AKFYF‘ to get some coins. You can use these coins to play games in the application.

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How To Skip GTA V Missions In Netboom

No, You can skip GTA V Missions in Netboom but you can use the method that is mentioned in this article to complete GTA V Missions Fast.

How To Skip GTA V Missions On Mobile

To Skip GTA V Missions On Mobile you have to fail the mission 3 times and then an option will come to skip when you click on enter then your game will continue from the next checkpoint.

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