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Top 2 Ways To Play Minecraft Dungeons on Android

Want to play Minecraft dungeons on your mobile phone? then this article is only for you.

Today, In this article we are here with two amazing methods that will help you to play Minecraft dungeons on your smartphone. I have mentioned two methods below to guide you.

Methods To Play Minecraft Dungeons on Android

  • Minecraft dungeons fan-made game
  • Play Minecraft dungeons in the cloud

Method 1: Minecraft dungeons fan-made game

Minecraft dungeons fan-made game

A fan-made game was made by an (unknown developer) and in this game, you can explore some areas and also fight with zombies, this game is entirely safe so you can download it for free.

But sadly this fan-made game is not available for IOS. So, if you are an IOS user then you can try Xbox Game Pass on your device to play Minecraft dungeons.

Method 2: Play Minecraft dungeons in the cloud

chikii Application

If you don’t wanna try Fan-made Minecraft dungeons then you must have to try this way to play it. To play Minecraft dungeons on Android you need to download a cloud gaming application named Chikii you can download it from the below link and then follow some steps mentioned below.

Chikii is a cloud gaming application that is available for android and IOS as well this app is developed and published by Chikii Games.

Steps to play Minecraft Dungeons on your smartphone

  1. Download it from the given link.
  2. Sing up or log in to the app.
  3. Collect some coins by completing the daily tasks.
  4. Search Minecraft Dungeons on the search button.
  5. Click on it and tap on play and again tap on the play button. wait for some time in the queue and then click on the start game button.
  6. Select On-screen Controller and enjoy your game.

Why do we use Chikii to play games?

Many people use Chikii because it gives daily and weekly free coins just by completing some mission and we can use those coins to play any game available on the Chikii app.

Can Minecraft Dungeons run on mobile?

yes, you can play Minecraft Dungeons on mobile through the cloud gaming applications like Chikii and Netboom.

Is Minecraft Dungeons for free?

No, Minecraft Dungeons isn’t a free game. It is paid for on all supported platforms.

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