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How to start a leading blog in 2022

Do you wanna start a blog in 2022? But don’t know where to start your blogging journey?

Look! just read this article carefully and at the end of this article, you have all the basic Info to start a blog.

Well, I started my blogging journey in 2019 and now I am a professional blogger, and On this website, I am gonna share my all secret tricks related to SEO, Keyword researching, and ranking.

How to Start a leading Blog In 2022-Easy steps

  1. Select a domain name related to your niche.
  2. Buy the best hosting according to your need.
  3. Use a simple and fast theme and start customizing it.
  4. Write content and get paid.

What is a blog

In simple language, A blog is a type of website, In which the owner or admin share their knowledge to help people or solve the query of the visitors or readers.

What is a niche

Basically, the niche is your blog’s main topic, in other words, your blog is based on this.

let me explain to you with an example

There are many niches for example Gaming, Health, Wealth, etc. just take a deep dive into these niches.

Let’s suppose you choose Wealth as your blog niche then just take a dive into this, after that, you will find that in the wealth category you can publish articles related to earning money in multiple ways.

And now, if you still don’t understand what is a niche then let me explain it in simple language.

The niche is basically your blog category and you can cover your subcategory in your blog.

Step 1: Select and register a domain name related to your niche.

If you don’t have any idea, How to choose a domain name then let me help you.

First of all, Select your blog niche after that find a simple but unique URL for your blog make sure to find a domain name related to your selected niche.

when you select your domain name just make sure that the domain name is available.

Well, I hardly recommend you register your domain name on, It is very secure and if you buy a domain name for NameCheap then you will get a lifetime of free domain privacy.

How to register a domain name?

To register a domain name you have to follow some steps. so let’s take a look at those steps

Step 1: Search for your domain name on or another website like Namecheap

Step 2: If your domain name is available then click on the Add to the cart button.

Step 3: Click on the checkout button

Step 4: Enter coupon code NEWCOM598 to get a .com domain for just $5.98 then click on confirm the order.


Step 5: Select your payment method and enter your details for registration and just click on the continue button.

Step 6: Complete your payment through Paypal or by your selected payment method.

Step 7: When payment is done you will be redirected to the Namecheap website then click on your dashboard button to take a view of the domain.

Step 2: Buy the best hosting according to your need.

Now, if you selected your domain name then just buy the best hosting server according to your need.

What is hosting?

Hosting is just like a house for your blog from which your blog will live and anyone from any place can access it.

Pro Tips:- Buy a starter web hosting or cloud hosting plan for your blog, don,t go with a high-level plan if it doesn’t meet your requirement in the future then you can upgrade it.

well, if you want the cheap and best cloud hosting for your blog then you can go with SiteCountry.

Currently, I am using this hosting on my website and it will give a super boost to your website speed. well, currently my website load time is between 1.5 seconds to 1.7 seconds.

Speed is one of the main factors that will help in website/blog ranking and if you want this superspeed in your blog too, then must check it out.

You can go with the sapling plan and then connect your domain name with the hosting.

Buying the best and cheap hosting to set up a blog on it.

I am using SiteCountry’s cloud hosting sapling plan to set up this blog. Just follow some steps to buy one for your blog.

Step 1: Click on the buy button given below, I am choosing a public cloud service for my blog, if you want then you can also go with a premium cloud service but I will not recommend that.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4: Use code ‘ZUST8OFF‘ to get a discount and read the step given in the image.


Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7: After completing the payment you will get access to your selected plan.

How to connect domain name to hosting server?

Step 1: Open your SiteCountry dashboard and then click on your purchased product.

Step 2: Click on the nameservers option.

Step 3: Now, Copy the nameservers to your clipboard and open NameCheap dashboard.

Step 4: Click on the manage button.

Step 5: Click on the dropdown button and select Custom DNS.

Step 6:

Then go to your control plan and click on Softaculous or WordPress manger just fill in the basic info and install WordPress to your domain name.

Step 3: Use a simple and fast theme and start customizing it.

If you want a simple, fast, and responsive theme then you can install free themes like Astra, Generate Press, Neve, etc.

I will suggest you, install generate press because it is a very simple, fast, light-weighted, and responsive theme and if you like this theme then you can also check out its premium version too.

Then just customize it (according to your niche)

Pro Tips:- Make sure to make a page for Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service, Disclaimer, DCMA, Contact Us, and About Us too.

Step 4:- Write content and get paid.

Now, when you have done all the things that are mentioned above then just write articles or posts according to your niche.

How will you get paid?

Just publish some articles or posts to your blog and make sure your posts are getting some views then just send your blog for AdSense approval.

Google Adsense will review your blog within 2 weeks or may take it longer but in some cases, the blog/website gets approval in just 24 hours and my blog also got approved by google in just 24 hours.

After getting approval from Google Adsense just use social media platforms to get traffic to your blog and you will be get paid by Google Adsense according to your CPC and CPM.

Is it a good idea to start a blog in 2022?

Yes, It’s a very good idea to start a blog in 2022 because roughly 409 million internet users read about 20 billion blog pages monthly.

Is blogging still profitable in 2022?

There are 5.6 billion searches daily on Google and many the blog use Google Adsense as their earning material so, yes it is still profitable

How do I start a successful 2022 blog?

Select a domain name related to your niche.
Buy the best hosting according to your need.
Use a simple and fast theme and start customizing it.
Write content and get paid.

How do 2022 blogs make money?

Many blogs and websites many money through affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, and paid promotions.

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