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Today, I am going to tell you some reasons why your blog doesn’t get Adsense approval and some tricks that personally I used in my all blog to get Adsense approval within 24-48 hours.

If you follow all the tricks that I used to get Adsense approval in 24-48 hours then you will also get it in your blog/website.

Before we see some tricks to get Adsense approval we must discuss why your blog not getting approved by Adsense because as we all know we must need questions to find a solution for it. So let’s have a look.

Why your blog doesn’t get approved by Adsense?

When we send a request to approve our blog/website to Adsense then within 3-4 days we receive a mail-in in which they mentioned that our blog/website isn’t ready to show Google Ads on it. They show us some reasons why the blog isn’t ready. Some common reasons that they usually show everyone are:-

  • Low-Quality content
  • Copyright Content
  • Content doesn’t found
  • Policy violation

Now, the question is what is the meaning of all these errors

So, let’s see the meaning of these errors.

Low-Quality content

Low-Quality content means the content that is published on your blog/website is available on low-Quality which directly means that It gives low value to visitors or no value.

Copyright Content

This error means that the content available on your blog/website is copied from other websites.

Content doesn’t found

When your content is of low Quality then sometimes then in your Adsense>site this error will appear.

Policy violation

When your content is downloadable then this error comes. So, make sure your site doesn’t contain any downloadable content before Adsense approval.

Now, let’s see some solutions/tricks to these errors

Solutions/Tricks To Get Adsense Approval

All the Solutions/Tricks are given below:-

  • Write High-Quality Content
  • Avoid downloadable content
  • Don’t copy any content write it on your own
  • Write 20-25 posts before applying
  • Every post must contain more than 500 words
  • Make Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions pages before applying

Just follow all the tips that are mentioned above to get Adsense approval on your blog/website. I personally used these tips on more than 4 blogs/websites and I got Adsense approval.

If I can do it then you can too

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