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Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl living in the rural town of Itomori near Hida. She is bored living in the town and wishes to be a Tokyo boy in her next life. She inexplicably begins to switch bodies intermittently with Taki Tachibana, a high school boy in Tokyo, when they wake up in the morning. They both initially believe these experiences to be vivid dreams, but eventually realize they can communicate with each other, by recording messages on paper, Your Name Hindi Dubbed,

phones and sometimes on each other’s skin. Mitsuha (in Taki’s body) sets Taki up on a date with his coworker Miki Okudera, while Taki (in Mitsuha’s body) causes Mitsuha to become popular at school. One day, Taki (in Mitsuha’s body) accompanies Mitsuha’s grandmother Hitoha and her sister Yotsuha to leave the ritual alcohol kuchikamizake, made by the sisters, as an offering to the Shinto shrine on a mountaintop located outside the town. Your Name Hindi Dubbed.

It is believed to represent the body of the village guardian god ruling over human experiences and connections. Taki reads a note from Mitsuha about the comet Tiamat, expected to pass Earth on the day of the autumn festival. The next day, Taki wakes up in his body and goes on a date with Miki, who tells him she enjoyed the date but also that she can tell that he is preoccupied with thoughts of someone else. Taki attempts to call Mitsuha on the phone, but cannot reach her and finds the body-switching has ended. Your Name Hindi Dubbed..

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