Chikii is pc cloud gaming that allows you in a split second to play your number one games anytime,anywhere with anyone.

Play your #1 PC game on mobile

You don’t have to burn through many dollars on a gaming or other gaming console

Chikii is a cloud gaming local area that better than stadia.

We likewise have world best gaming networks in Chikii.

Chikii upholds all games classifications, there will be numerous players sharing their control center and PC, you can join their room and multiplayer with them 

For example, GTA5, Naruto Storm 4, Jump Force, Witcher ⅲ, Just Cause 3, NBA 2K19,

Contract killer: Absolution, Fifa 19, Dead by Daylight,etc.

Chikii support a large portion of the Bluetooth gamepad and outside console, to give clients the best gaming experience. Chikii additionally made various sorts of gaming catches for various games.

Chikii likewise support auto-save (when you arrive at specific focuses in the game).

Because of Chikii’s functioning system, extra authorizations are required, and we ensure that Chikii ensured won’t mishandle these consents!

Pick Chikii to get the best PC gaming experience!!!!


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