Tool Box Premium For MCPE 1.16.221 | Best App

Tool box Premium is a launcher/modification for Minecraft: PE (MCPE) that allows you to give yourself items (just like in the popular Too Many Items modification), potion effects, enchant items, see valuable blocks using a special mode called X-Ray, and much more! This will help you in game very much.

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How Tool Box Premium Help In MCPE?

  • Dark caves will no longer be a problem if you enable Fullbright mode.
  • Navigate with ease using the Minimap.
  • Got tired of walking every time you need to get an item from main chest? Create a teleport command!
  • Can’t find diamonds for hours? Just activate the X-Ray mode.
  • Download this application and become a master of Minecraft: Pocket Edition!
  • Build complex structures in creative more easily with Rapid Build and Reach.

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