New Best GTA 5 Mobile Redux V0.2 For Android

GTA 5 Mobile is the most popular open world game that everyone wants to play. But as you know, GTA 5 is not yet launched for Android, you can play it only in PC. But in today’s blog post, we are going to tell you about a fan made GTA 5 game which is made for Android devices. You can consider this game to be the beta version of GTA 5. And this is the redux Graphics version in which you get to see realistic graphics. Here you will see a city of GTA 5 with Redux graphics .

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What’s new in GTA 5 Mobile?

In order to make GTA 5 Mobile compatible for every Android device, the settings have been given in it. You can adjust the settings in it according to the configuration of your mobile. Apart from this, in this game you will get to see Super Cars, Guns and characters. Try playing this game yourself, you will get to explore a lot. Game size is around 350Mb. You can click on the download button below to download this game.

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