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App Cloner enables you to create clones or duplicate an installed app on your phone. You can create and install multiple working copies of your existing apps. That’s especially useful when a given app only allows one account login at a time.

Before apps such as Facebook Messenger rolled out adding multiple account support, many users had to download modded APKs of the apps to be able to log in with different usernames on the same device. This was a big hassle considering the procedure and the malware issues one had to face. Many apps still don’t allow you to use multiple accounts at the same time on a single device such as Facebook and Insta.

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More About App Cloner

That’s where App cloner comes in. It solves this problem by letting you clone an app and install its duplicate on your phone, but not only that, it gives you full control over what the duplicate app looks like and how it acts. It can extend a clone to add functionality such as password protection, incognito mode, hiding the Android ID or spoofing locations. You can also force the app to consume data over Wi-Fi only.

Keep one thing in mind that you cannot clone apps that require Google Play services or offer encrypted communications such as Whatsapp and Google Chrome.

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