Best No.1 Cloud Games With GTA V Android?

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GTA V android

Welcome back to my new blog, In this blog I am going to tell to you about GTA V Android in cloud gaming app. This is a Chinese Cloud Gaming. You can play high-end PC Games for free.

How to login to Play GTA V Android?

To login on this emulator just open app and login with Chinese number You can use Temporary Chinese number by searching (temp china number). Enter Chinese number and click on get OTP then go to Chinese number website then click on refresh page, after that you will get your OTP, Just enter OTP in app. Then you will logged in.

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Chicken Emulator (GTA V )

GTA V Android
GTA V Android

I watched a video on video, in which they told about that If you have GTA V in Epic Games So you can play GTA V Android for free. But I tried this method I used my Epic Games Account, I don’t have GTA V in my Epic Games Account, So just I tried to install Watch dogs 2 and football manager after that I tried to install Rocket league then it’s shows me that Not enough space available to install. So, If we add the total size of Games that I install is less than 90 GB. Now it’s proved that in chicken emulator there is not enough space available to install GTA V.

Mushroom Emulator

mqdefault Best No.1 Cloud Games With GTA V Android?

Mushroom Emulator is very amazing emulator. In this emulator, you can play many high end pc games in just 1 click. Sometimes it shows queue only you need to login with chinese number. You will get some coins daily using that coin you can play many high end pc games. In this emulator we also get GTA V but I tried to play GTA V but it’s not working. I think that we need VIP account for playing games like GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077 etc. But many games like watch dogs 2, just cause 4 etc. games are free to play using coins. I provides you a link of chinese temporary number sites where you can find many temporary numbers.


Both the emulator are equally very amazing. Chicken emulator provides variety of free games whereas mushroom emulator also contains VIP games that can only access by purchasing it. So, Download both the emulator now.

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